[ Schedule ]

Registration opens on November 20th at 08:00pm

Friday, October 4th 2019

12apm - 08pm Opening of the Expo village
02:00pm - 08:00pm Distribution of race numbers Natureman Var
05:15pm Press conference (Expo Village)
06:00pm Briefing Natureman Var

Saturday, Octobre 5th 2019

07:15am - 08:45am Opening of the bike park
10.30am - 07:00pm Opening of the expo village
09:00am NATUREWOMAN LIV • Paratriathletes start
09:20am  NATUREMAN VAR start (men and relay)

03:30pm Opening of the bike park when the last competitor starts running
Award ceremony Natureman Var (Finish area)
04:00pm - 08:00pm Distribution of race pack for the Natur’M (reception hall)
Registration and distribution of race pack for the Natur'Kids

Sunday, October 6th 2019

07:45am - 09:15am Opening of the bike park
09.00am - 04.00pm
Opening hours of the Expo Village
09:30am Natur'M •  Start Women & Paratriathletes
09:45am Natur'M •  Start Men + START Relay
01.30pm Opening of the bike park after the last athlete finish the bike course
12:00am - 02:00pm Expo Village -  Natureman Var
Registration and distribution of race pack for the Natur'Kids

02:30pm • Start - Natur’Mini 6 to 8 years old
02:45pm • Start - Natur’Kids 9 to 12 years old
• Start - Natur’Teen 13 to 15 ans years old

Award ceremony Natureman Var

[ Registrations ]


  • 1 to 300 75€
  • 301 to 920 80€
  • Relay (80 teams) 114€
  • Cancellation Insurance: 6 euros
  • When taking out the insurance (6 €) your registration can be cancelled up to April 1st, 2019,

    without justification (the price in effect at the time of signing).

    If you don't take out the insurance, you can't cancel your registration and it can't be refunded. Please note, for insurance reasons, your bibs is personal and non-exchangeable.

    As a result, in any case of bib modification in breach with the Natureman Var regulation and Fédération Française de Triathlon, the athlete participating in your place will not be covered by insurance in case of accident.


Registration NATUR'M 2019

Cancellation :

  • The refund will be 100 % of registration fees until April 1st 2019* (excluding cancellation insurance 6€ + 2€ charges)
  • From April 2 to August 2 the refund will be 75 % of the registration fees (excluding cancellation insurance 6€ + 2€ charges)
  • August 3 - September 10 refund will be 50 % refund of registration fees (excluding cancellation insurance 6€ +2€ charges)
  • For the non-license holders, recovery of the entire Day PASS, 20 euros.
  • No request of refund can be treated after September 10, 2019.
  • *The refunds do not include the registration fees of Active (6€ + 2€ charges).

Race Cancellation :

In case of cancellation of event due to natural disaster, security imperatives, weather conditions or decision by administrative authorities for which the organizer is not responsible no refund can be treated and the participant cannot claim damages.

However, if one of the disciplines has to be modified or cancelled, the organizer is committed to providing an alternative route when possible

[ Course ]


  • One unique loop of 1400 meters
  • Cut-off time : 10:40 am
  • Athletes will execute a unique loop of 1400m in the lake of Sainte-Croix at les Salles-sur-Verdon vilLage.
  • Lake which average temperature for this period is about 20°C (2018) 19° (2015) 20° (2016) 20º (2017).
  • The wetsuit is recommended.
  • 09:30 am : Departure 1st wave : Women & Paratriathlète
  • 09:45 am : Departure 2nd wave : Men + Relay


  • 2 loops of 26 km
  • Cut-off time at the bike park : 01:30 pm
  • The bike race offers 1 aid station at km 30 (in the second loop) at Aiguine’s village center.
  • Water, Energy drink and bananas
  • Athletes have to respect the driving code and traffic regulations.
  • Please pay attention, the road is open to traffic, be very carefull.


  • A loop of 9,4km
  • Run : 9,4 km 113m D+
  • Recommended shoes : road and trail



[ Regulation Natur'M ]

Natur’M is composed of 3 disciplines: 1400 m swim – 52 km bike - 9,4 km run (trail)

  • Swim : 1 loop of 1400 m
  • Bike : 2 loops of 26 and 26 km
  • Run : 1 loop of 9,4 km


NON license holders :

  • Day Pass mandatory insurance for participants without a license.
  • Day pass :
    • As part of this event, you benefit from guarantees provided by the civil liability insurance contract signed by FFTRI with Allianz.
    • The day PASS does not include any personal insurance guarantee: it may be of your interest to subscribe, with the company of your choice, to a personal insurance plan to cover the injuries that the sport may expose you to.
    • Your bike does not benefit from any insurance coverage, and material damage that could occur to your bike or to third-party bikes are not covered by the federal insurance. The organization cannot be held responsible for material damages.
    • Damages that third parties may cause to your bike are not covered by insurance federal responsibility.


Athlète étranger :

·         Les licenciés des Fédérations suivantes : Allemagne, Italie, Espagne, Portugal, Belgique, Luxembourg, Angleterre, Suisse, Pays-Bas devront obligatoirement présenter leurs licences de la saison en cours. Les athlètes devront toutefois prendre un PASS compétition. Ils sont exonérés du règlement du PASS  compétition
·         Les licenciés Triathlon des autres fédérations triathlon (USA Triathlon ....) devront obligatoirement présenter leurs licences de la saison en cours. Ces athlètes devront toutefois prendre un PASS compétition et en effectuer le règlement auprès de l'organisateur.

Foreign Athletes :

When a foreign athlete holding a FFTRI license or a license recognized by the ITU, has an accident in France during an event organized and / or supervised by FFTRI, Mondial Assistance will pay directly the hospitals and similar establishments to avoid cash advances from the FFTRI, regional leagues, departmental committees, clubs, associations, affiliated institutions or the beneficiary.

No payment check of the amount to be guaranteed shall be requested by Mondial Assistance which directly invoices ALLIANZ. 

The amount of medical and hospital expenses paid directly to hospitals by Mondial Assistance will not exceed the limit of guarantees provided by the federal contract.

The organizer recommends that you take out a personal insurance contract covering personal injuries which your sport may expose you to.

We remind you that you have the option to take out additional bodily injury guarantees to reinforce the warranties of the policy.

We remind you of the possibility to subscribe to optional coverage "damage to the bicycle." In fact, bicycle damage is not guaranteed including civil liability in the collision between triathletes.


Briefing :

  • A briefing will be sent to you by email 10 days before the event. You will find a program of the weekend in your athlete bag.
  • The chrono chip must be worn on your left ankle during the race and returned at the end of the race in exchange for your bike.
  • Athletes will receive a wristband during the registration/distribution of numbers. They must constantly wear this wristband.
  • The stickers on the bike and helmet : one on the seat post of your bike, and the other in front of your helmet.
  • Start numbers and race stickers may not be reduced in size or altered and must be visible at all times. Start numbers can be worn on a race belt and the number must be secured to this belt at a minimum of three points.
  • The competitors must take race provisions only at the designated aid stations provided by the organizers.
  • All athletes must respect the environment at all times or risk an immediate sanction
  • Waste must be deposited in the reserved areas under penalty of immediate disqualification (Regulations state: I promise to respect the environment during my stay in the park of Verdon. Waste must be placedin the reserved areas
  • The awards ceremony is scheduled for Sunday October 6th 2019, at 02:30 pm, at the finish line area.
  • '


Regulation  :

Wearing a wetsuit is recommended if the temperature is not superior of 24,5°C and mandatory if it is 16° or below.

Wearing the swim cap supplied by the organization is compulsory. It is recommended not to wear the bib during the swim race.

After-race bag: a green after-race bag will be given to you during the distribution of numbers. Paste the sticker with your race number on the bag. Place your bag next to your bike. Please note: no other bag will be tolerated in the bike park, it’s up to you to do what is necessary to put all your clothes and equipment in the after-race bag.

Athletes are not allowed to mount their bike in the transition area. They may only mount their bike at the exit of the bike park, after the white line. They have to dismount the bike at the line before entering the bike park.

Material prizes which are not collected during the Awards Ceremony are forfeited and cannot be collected at a later date

The organizers reserve the right to reject registrations if they believe in any way that would interfere with the race.

Competitors disqualified because of evident fraud or cheating will not be allowed to participate in the Natureman Var again.

Any outside help: support, supplies, technical assistance and material support by anyone outside of the race or another competitor are forbidden.

Competitors must respect eco-zones for throwing away their waste, under penalty of immediate disqualification.

In case of penalty, a tent "penalty box" will be located at the exit of the transition area and must be done before going to run.

The arbitrators' decisions are final, no protests will be admissible.

The court of arbitration determines the final race results, subject to doping reports still outstanding.

The determined results are final. They are not subject to appeal in a court of law.

All registrations are final. In case of cancellation or non-participation in the race, the participant can’t claim a refund of the registration fees.

Any cancellation is subject to the conditions of cancellation of the organizer indicated on the registration form.

Any identity usurpation will be sanctioned by disqualification.

[ Information Natur'M ]

Prize Money :


Individual :

Ranking Men Women
1st 300€ 300€
2nd 200€ 200€
3rd 100€ 100€

club :

Ranking Clubs (ranking on 4 athletes)
1st 300€
2nd 200€
3rd 100€

Time Limits :

  • Limit swim time : 10:40 AM
  • Limit velo:          01:30 PM
  • Limit race:          02:45 pm


[ Results Natur'M ]








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