[ Schedule Natureman Var ]

Friday, October 6th 2017

03pm - 7pm Opening of the Expo village
03pm - 7pm Distribution of race numbers Natureman Var and SPRINT

Saturday, Octobre 7th 2017

08am - 10am Distribution of race numbers SPRINT
09.30am - 10.45am Bike park open
11am Departure SPRINT
11.40am Limit last competitor exit the bike park after swimming
12am - 7pm Distribution of race numbers NATUREMAN
05pm Press Conference - Village Expo
06pm Briefing athletes NATUREMAN

Sunday, October 8th 2017

07.15am - 08.45am Bike park open
08.50am Departure Natureman Var 2017 - 1st start : WOMEN
09.05am Departure Natureman Var 2017 - 2nd start : MEN
10.20am Limit last competitor exit the bike park after swimming
01.15pm Finish 1st men NATUREMAN
02.45pm Limit last competitor arrival at bike park
03.30pm Opening of the bike park to the participants with their bib number
04.30pm Awards ceremony Natureman Var 2017

[ Registrations Natureman Var ]


Be part of the 2017 edition:

Pour le Natureman, épreuve ouverte à partir de la catégorie séniors (20 ans, 1997)

  • The first 200 registrered : 140 € ( +5 € application fee)
  • + 300 following : 150 € ( +5 € application fee)
  • + 500 following : 160 € ( +5 € application fee)

Triathlon distance L : Natureman Var Sunday, October 8th 2017

2000m swimming - 90km cycling and 20km running.



  • 08.50am : departure Women
  • 09.05am : departure Men


REGISTRATIONS Natureman Var 2017

Day Pass Natureman Var 2017

Day pass : mandatory insurance for not holders.

Natureman 2017 : athletes have to be born until 31 December 1997 at the latest.

Day pass : 30 € (Federal insurance) for non licensed, to add to the registration fees.

Day pass :

  • As part of this event, you benefit from guarantees provided by the civil liability insurance contract signed by FFTRI with Allianz.
  • The day PASS does not include any personal insurance guarantee : it may be of your interest to subscribe to the company of his choice, a personal insurance to cover the injuries that the sport may expose.
  • Your bike does not benefit from any insurance coverage, and material damage it could cause to your bike or to third-bikes are not covered by the federal insurance. The organization cannot be held responsible for material damages.
  • Damages that third parties may cause to your bike are not covered by insurance federal responsibility.

IMPORTANT : Not license holders have to fill out the DAY PASS form, and to present a medical certificate of not contraindication to the practice of the Triathlon in competition, dating less than six months (Day pass). The presentation of originals license or medical certificate for the not license holders, will be required during the distribution of numbers.


[ Natureman Var course ]


  • One unique loop of 2 km.
  • Cut-off time : 10.20 am
  • Athletes will execute a unique loop of 2km in the lake of Sainte-Croix at les Salles-sur-Verdon vilLage.
  • Lake which average temperature for this period is about 20°C (2014) 19° (2015) 20° (2016).
  • The wetsuit is recommended.
  • 8.50 am : Departure 1st wave : Women & Paratriathlète
  • 9.05 am : Departure 2nd wave : Men


  • 1 loop of 25 km and 1 loop of 67 km.
  • Cut-off time : 2.45pm
  • The bike race offers 3 aid stations :
    • 1st Ais station : Galetas Camp-site (Verdon Parks) km 28 : Energetic drinks (Bio drink mint Punch Power)
    • 2nd Aid station : Top of the "Enfer du Sud" km 43 : Energetic drinks, Gels Punch Power, Almond bars Punch Power, Bananas
    • 3rd Aid station : Bauduen (2 ânes camp-site) OCCHV km 72 : Energetic drinks, Gels Punch Power, Almond bars Punch Power, Bananas.
  • Athletes have to respect the driving code and traffic regulations.
  • La route étant ouverte à la circulation, les règles de prudence sont de rigueur.


  • A loop of 9,4km and a loop of 10,9km
  • Run : 20,3 km (Recommended shoes : road and trail).

[ Regulations ]

Natureman LD is composed of 3 races : 2km swim – 92 km bike - 20 km run

  • Swim : 1 loop of 2000 m.
  • Bike : 1 loop of 25 km and 1 loop of 67 km.
  • Run : A loop of 9,4km and a loop of 10,9km.
  • In case of bad weather or strength major, the organizer reserves the right to modify routes courses.
  • No relay race for the Natureman Var LD.

Athletes have to be born until 31 December 1999 at the latest.

  • Registration online on https://www.natureman-verdon.fr/1d/en
  • Individual race : 1200 athletes.
  • Distribution of numbers : From 3pm to 6pm Friday 6th october 2017 and from 1pm to 7pm Saturday 7th October 2017 (permanence will be maintained on Saturday night).
  • No distribution of numbers on Sunday.
  • If you are absent, the number can be distribute to an other FFTRI license holder of the same club, with the presentation of the license and an identity document and the license of the other athlete concerned.

NOT license holders

  • Day Pass mandatory insurance for not holders.
  • Day pass :
    • As part of this event, you benefit from guarantees provided by the civil liability insurance contract signed by FFTRI with Allianz.
    • The day PASS does not include any personal insurance guarantee : it may be of your interest to subscribe to the company of his choice, a personal insurance to cover the injuries that the sport may expose.
    • Your bike does not benefit from any insurance coverage, and material damage it could cause to your bike or to third-bikes are not covered by the federal insurance. The organization cannot be held responsible for material damages.
    • Damages that third parties may cause to your bike are not covered by insurance federal responsibility.

FFTRI license :

When a foreign athlete holds a FFTRI license or a license recognized by the ITU has an accident in France during an event organized and / or supervised by FFTRI, Mondial Assistance will pay directly the hospitals and similar establishments to avoid cash advances from the FFTRI, regional leagues, departmental committees, clubs, associations, affiliated institutions or the beneficiary.

No payment cheque of the amount to be guaranteed shall be requested by Mondial Assistance which invoiced directly ALLIANZ.

The amount of medical and hospital expenses paid directly to hospitals by Mondial Assistance will not exceed the limit of guarantees provided by the federal contract.

The organizer recommends that you take out a personal insurance contract covering personal injuries which may expose your sport.

We remind you that you have the possibility to subscribe for optional guarantees to strengthen guarantees.

We remind you the possibility to subscribe optional coverage "damage to the bicycle." In fact, bicycles damage are not guaranteed including civil liability in the collision between triathletes.

Briefing :

  • A briefing will be sent to you by email 10 days before the event. You will find a program of the weekend on your athlete bag.
  • Athletes will receive a wristband during the registration/distribution of numbers. They must constantly wear this wristband.
  • The stickers on the bike and helmet : one on the seat post of your bike, and the other in front of your helmet.
  • Start numbers and race stickers may not be reduced in size or altered and must be visible at all times. Start numbers can be worn on a race belt and the number must be secured to this belt at a minimum of three points.
  • The competitors must take race provisions only at the designated aid stations provided by the organizers.
  • Athletes must respect the environment at all times, under penalty of immediate sanctions (disqualification)
  • The awards ceremony is scheduled for Sunday October 8th 2017, at 4.30pm, at the finish line area, les Salles-sur-Verdon.

Waste must be deposited in the reserved areas under penalty of immediate disqualification (red card). That is to say: It is absolutely forbidden to throw waste outside the eco-zones.
This year the members of the Green Patrol will have the full confidence of the organizing team and will have to sanction firmly and definitively any athlete who did not respect the environmental ethic of the race during the race. You are still too many to neglect our environment. Only a firm action may legitimize the contract signed at the time of registration mentioning:
I promise to respect the environment during my stay in the park of Verdon.

Cut-off times :

  • Departure WOMEN + paratriathlon: 8.50am
  • Departure MEN : 9.05am
  • Cut-off time SWIM 10.20am
  • Cut-off time BIKE : 2.45pm
  • Cut-off time RUN : 5.30pm

Cancellation :

In case of climate catastrophe no request of refund can be treated.

If one of the disciplines has to be modified or cancelled, the organizer is committed to providing an alternative route when possible.

Regulation :

The bearing of the wetsuit is recommended if the temperature is not superior of 24°C

The bearing of the swimcap supplied by the organization is compulsory. It is recommended not to wear the bib during the swim race.

After-race bag: a green after-race bag will be given to you during the distribution of numbers (on your race pack).
Paste the sticker with your race number on the bag. Place your bag in the « After race bag space » located in the Park by bicycle. The after race bags will be repatriated and deposited by the organization in the arrival area (after the finish line), so you can retrieve your belongings an the finish line area.
Please note : no bag will be tolerated in the bike park, it’s up to you to do the necessary to put all your clothes and equipment in the after race bag.

Athletes are allowed to mount their bike only after having left the bike park, after the white line. They have to dismount the bike before he enters the bike park, until the line. Material prizes which are not collected during the Awards Ceremony are forfeited.

The organizers reserve the right to reject registrations for reasons important to them.

Competitors disqualified because of evident fraud will not be allowed to start in the Natureman Var again.

Any outside help: support, supplies, technical assistance and material support by anyone outside of the race or another competitor are forbidden.

Competitors must respect eco-zones for throwing away their waste, under penalty of immediate disqualification.

In case of penalty, a tent "penalty box" will be located at the exit of the transition area and must be done before going to run.

The arbitrators' decisions are final, no protests will be admissible.

The court of arbitration determines the final race results, subject to doping reports still outstanding.

The determined results are final. They are not subject to appeal in a court of law.

All registrations are final. In case of cancellation or non-participation in the race, the participant can’t claim a refund of the registration fees.

Any cancellation is subject to the conditions of cancellation of the organizer indicated on the registration form. Registrations are definitive.

Any identity usurpation will be sanctioned by disqualification.

Cancellation Insurance :

When taking out the insurance (12 €) you can cancel your registration until the April 1st 2017, without justification (the price in effect at the time of signing).

If you don't take out the insurance, you can't cancel your registration and can't be refunded.

Please note, for insurance reasons, your bibs is personal and non exchangeable.

As a results, any bibs modification in breach with the Natureman Var regulation and Fédération Française de Triathlon, the athlete participating in your place will not be covered by insurance in case of accident.

Cancellation :

  • The refund will be 100 % until April 1st 2017*
  • The refund will be 75 % until August 2nd 2017*
  • 3rd August - 22th September 2017 : 50 % refund*
  • *The refunds do not take care of the registration fees of Active (12 + 5euro).
  • For the not license holders, recovery of the entire Day PASS, ie 30 euros.
  • No request of refund can be treated after September 22thd 2017.

Please note : note the NAME and SURNAME of your registration to cancel

Responsibility :

The organizer disclaims all liability for the risks of health incurred by the participant because of his participation in the event. The participant declares to have a perfect knowledge of the fact that the participation in the event entails serious risks of health which can go until the death of the participant. The participant confirms and agrees that he is solely responsible for whether his condition allows him to participate in the event. He further states that no doctor or any equivalent advised him not to compete in the event.

The participant grants to receive any care and medical treatments turning out to be necessary during the competition. The expenses of the care and medical treatments are not included in the registration fees and will thus be charged to the participant on the basis of the usual price rates on the subject. The organizer not proposing insurance covering the cost of the medical care, it is of the responsibility of the participant to conclude any necessary or useful insurances for that purpose. Any responsibility of the organizer in this respect is excluded.

The participant is solely responsible for his personal effects and for his sports equipment.

The participant declares that he has knowledge of the fact that he can meet vehicles and/or pedestrians on the route and that he accepts the risks bound to these circumstances on the occasion of the participation in the race. · The participant notes the fact that there are the following risks bound to the participation in the competition, being understood that this list is not restrictive: risk of falls, collision with vehicles, pedestrians, other participants and/or objects; risks bound to the state of the ground, the technical incidents and the failure of equipment, insufficiency of the protection equipment; risks and dangers caused by the spectators, the volunteers or bad weather. The registration in the event is worth acceptance on behalf of the participant of routes such as they will have been fixed. The participant agrees to familiarize himself with the routes and the transition areas before the event.

The athletes authorize the organizer, partners of the event and media to use the fixed or audiovisual images on which they could appear during the event (CD, DVD, radio, television, webcast, film, advertising, press release, communication supports etc...) its name, its voice and its sports performance without limit in time and place.

It is specified that the right broadcasting relative to the competition belongs exclusively to the organizer.

[ Information Natureman Var ]

Saturday 7th October 2017

6pm : Briefing at Village Expo, les Salles-sur-Verdon.

Information about the race, information about the eco-citizen action of every athletes and spectators during the event.

A briefing will be sent to you by email 10 days before the event.


Longue distance individual

Ranking Men Women
1st 2000€ 2000€
2nd 1000€ 1000€
3rd 500€ 500€
4th 300€ 300€
5th 100€ 100€

Podium awards by Club

Longue distance by Club (ranking on 4 athletes)

Ranking Club
1st (on 4 athletes) 600€
2nd (on 4 athletes) 500€
3rd (on 4 athletes) 400€
4th (on 4 athletes) 300€
5th (on 4 athletes) 200€

* Payments will be done 60 days after the race.


Spectators have the opportunity to follow the course and share the strong and unforgettable moments of the race with the athletes. A few days before the event, you will find all the information you need to follow the Verdon Triathlon Natureman Var LD, with the times and places of passage of the athletes. You will find THE famous"Enfer du sud" (South Hell) (located after Moustiers-Sainte-Marie), mythical place of the course with a difficult passage at 16% where percussion groups (Batucadas) will encourage the athletes in a friendly athmosphere.

Quelques jours avant la manifestation, vous trouverez toutes les informations pour suivre l'épreuve du Triathlon du Verdon Natureman Var LD, ainsi que les temps et lieux de passage des concurrents.

Please note : The triathlon site of les Salles-sur-Verdon is open to the public during the entire weekend of the Triathlon.

Apart during swimming courses, the beach and the bathing areas remains open and accessible to the public.

Restaurants and refreshments bars on site open to spectators.

Sunday October 8th, 2017 - 8.50am

Distances : Swim 2000 m – Bike 92 km – Run 20 kmn

The animators and the DJ will be here to liven up the atmosphere and report every details of the race.

The swim departure of a Triathlon is a strong moment, impressive and rich in emotion for spectators.

Spectators can follow the race in a reserved area, overlooking the beach and located along the corridor that allows athletes to leave the water and go to the bike park.

Transition 1 : The first athletes will change in the area of transition at around 9.45am (last athletes 10.20am).

Spectators will have the opportunity to see the spectacular transition from swimming and cycling (less than 30 seconds for the fastest ...) The transition area is really close to the swimming finish line, it allows the public to follow the transition from swimming and cycling, and enjoy the entire show to the passage of the last competitors.

Bike : Spectators will have the opportunity to have access to some passage to follow the athletes. Aid stations offer to the athletes energetic drinks and products, during the bike race (external help or assistance are forbidden).

Les ravitaillements permettent aux athlètes de trouver de la boisson

Run : The 20 km is composed of 2 loops of 10km.

Spectators can follow the race at the village and nautical base.

Finish line : located in the heart of Les Salles-sur-Verdon, it is the central point of animation.

The animators will put all their energies to welcome athletes after more than 4:00 of intense effort. The finish area lets see triathletes crossing the finish line. An expo village located close to the finish line will allow the public to discover or test the products of exhibitors throughout the day.

You will find an expo village close to the finish line. A good opportunity to visit and discover or test the products throughout the day.

Distribution of gifts on the finish line.

[ Results Natureman Var ]